Proprietary tool

Full-stack platform for your programmatic campaigns

Single tool to build, launch, optimise and monitor programmatic campaigns.
Programmatic platform Digital Focus


Wider inventory, advanced targeting options and creatives allows to find and reach customer, that cannot be found on traditional SEM and social channels.


Local & international

Access to 2 M+ websites and apps through more than 70 our supply partners.


Mobile, desktop, tablet, TV

Design your campaigns for the best screen exposure.


Control timing & placements

Advanced campaign set-up options give full control when and where your ads are shown.

Creative suit

Easily build creatives

Creative suit allows you to build wide variety of IAB-standard HTML banners.

advanced targeting

Reach your target audience

Location & hyper-location targeting, geofence, interest & intent audience, device data targeting and more.


Performance dashboard

Detailed snapshot of your campaign performance, including main metrics, KPIs and audience engagement.


Starting with research and moving through to roadmap, our strategy is focused on your business outcomes.

Inventory supply

Verification & mobile attribution

Data & reporting

AdTech solutions

Online advertising always facilitates some kind of adtech from ad creation to its publication. Advertising technology essentially covers the whole media buying process between advertiser and the publisher from ad distribution, measurement, inventory management, etc.


Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

DSP is the platform designed for the advertiser. It provides the access to the wide advertising ecosystem and enables efficient, convenient media set-up and management.


Supply-Side Platform (SSP)

SSP is the platform used by the publisher. Using its interface, publisher can manage and monitor the inventory and ad sale process.


Ad Network & Ad Exchange

Both serve the same function - help to connect demand with supply and scale. However, they have differences in the ad trade mode and accessibility of inventory.

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